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First Thirumurai
136 Stanzas, 1469 Songs, 88 Temples
001 thiruppiramapuram
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kaa'nolith thokuppai anpa'lippaakath tha:nthavarka'l
iraamsi :naaddupu'rap paadal aayvu maiyam,
51/23, paa'ndiya vae'laa'lar theru, mathurai 625 001.
0425 2333535, 5370535.
thaevaarath thalangka'lukku ik kaa'nolik kaadsika'l ku'ru:nthaddaaka vi'rpanaikku u'ndu.

songs : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
S. No. of the song : 3 song : :naddapaadai

நீர்பரந்தநிமிர் புன்சடைமேலோர் நிலாவெண்மதிசூடி
ஏர்பரந்தவின வெள்வளைசோரவென் னுள்ளங்கவர்கள்வன்
ஊர்பரந்தவுல கின்முதலாகிய வோரூரிதுவென்னப்
பேர்பரந்தபிர மாபுரமேவிய பெம்மானிவனன்றே.

:neerpara:ntha:nimir punsadaimaeloar :nilaave'nmathisoodi
aerpara:nthavina ve'lva'laisoaraven nu'l'langkavarka'lvan
oorpara:nthavula kinmuthalaakiya voaroorithuvennap
paerpara:nthapira maapuramaeviya pemmaanivanan'rae.
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kuralisai: tharumapuram pa. suvaami:naathan,
urimai: vaa'ni pathivakam, kaalvaay saalai, thiruvaanmiyoor, sennai 600041
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having adorned a white crescent moon that gives light, on the golden matted locks of hair standing upright on which the water has spread.
the thief who captivated my mind, to make the group of white and beautiful bangles, to slip off my hand.
this person is truly the Lord residing gladly in Piramāpuram which has a fame spread far and wide as a place which is like a seed in the world which has many holy places.
Translation: V.M.Subramanya Aiyar – Courtesy: French Institute of Pondichery / EFEO (2006)

Ganga - Once the holy river was flowing in the heaven. Bhagiratha after great penance persuaded the Devas to direct the river to the earth. They feared that the force of the falling mighty stream would push the earth down to the netherworld. So they wanted someone to bear it and check its ferocity. Siva being the only one capable of doing it was requested and He agreed to do it. The entire waters got pent up in the matted hair of the Lord. On Bhagiratha’s request Siva released the river through one strand of his hair and Ganga began to flow quietly on the earth.
Bangles- Sambandar sings this verse as if he is a maiden in love with the Lord. According to Tamil tradition, when a woman is unable to bear the separation of her beloved, her hands thin out and the bangles slip down.
Notes: Su. Kothandaraman, Mambalam, Chennai (2008)

From upon the water-loggged sangune locks of His
An unary phase silver crescent tipped my chank rings to slip.
He the filcher of my frail heart is Lord in troth of Brahmapuram
Safe foremost from deluge that dunked the bulk of the world.
Translation: S. A. Sankaranarayanan, Kumbakonam, 2013