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First Thirumurai
136 Stanzas, 1469 Songs, 88 Temples
001 thiruppiramapuram
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kaa'nolith thokuppai anpa'lippaakath tha:nthavarka'l
iraamsi :naaddupu'rap paadal aayvu maiyam,
51/23, paa'ndiya vae'laa'lar theru, mathurai 625 001.
0425 2333535, 5370535.
thaevaarath thalangka'lukku ik kaa'nolik kaadsika'l ku'ru:nthaddaaka vi'rpanaikku u'ndu.

songs : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
S. No. of the song : 4 song : :naddapaadai

விண்மகிழ்ந்தமதி லெய்ததுமன்றி விளங்குதலையோட்டில்
உண்மகிழ்ந்துபலி தேரியவந்தென துள்ளங்கவர்கள்வன்
மண்மகிழ்ந்தவர வம்மலர்க்கொன்றை மலிந்தவரைமார்பில்
பெண்மகிழ்ந்தபிர மாபுரமேவிய பெம்மானிவனன்றே.

vi'nmakizh:nthamathi leythathuman'ri vi'langkuthalaiyoaddil
u'nmakizh:nthupali thaeriyava:nthena thu'l'langkavarka'lvan
ma'nmakizh:nthavara vammalarkkon'rai mali:nthavaraimaarpil
pe'nmakizh:nthapira maapuramaeviya pemmaanivanan'rae.
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kuralisai: tharumapuram pa. suvaami:naathan,
urimai: vaa'ni pathivakam, kaalvaay saalai, thiruvaanmiyoor, sennai 600041
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in addition to having discharged an arrow on the forts which delighted in flying in the sky.
[[The three forts were made of gold, silver and iron;
the thief who captivated my mind, by coming to me in order to collect alms with gladness to heart, in the bright skull.
in the chest comparable to the mountain where there are abundant koṉṟai flowers and cobras which live in ant-hills desirous of them.
This person is truly the Lord who resides gladly in Piramāpuram and rejoices in having a lady (in the chest)
Translation: V.M.Subramanya Aiyar – Courtesy: French Institute of Pondichery / EFEO (2006)

Ashed He the forts that darted rash in the sky; came He for Taking alms in a cranium pitchi-clean. He,the taker of my heart, Has a montane left for the adders off formicary,flower cassia, woman Uma To park in Brahmapuram whose sole Lord is He.
Translation: S. A. Sankaranarayanan, Kumbakonam, 2013