Songs with description of Twelve Holy composition
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Second Thirumurai
122 Stanzas, 1331 Songs, 90 Temples
001 thiruppoo:ntharaay
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kaa'nolith thokuppai anpa'lippaakath tha:nthavarka'l
iraamsi :naaddupu'rap paadal aayvu maiyam,
51/23, paa'ndiya vae'laa'lar theru, mathurai 625 001.
0425 2333535, 5370535.
thaevaarath thalangka'lukku ik kaa'nolik kaadsika'l ku'ru:nthaddaaka vi'rpanaikku u'ndu.

songs : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
S. No. of the song : 1 song : i:ntha'lam

செந்நெ லங்கழ னிப்பழ னத்தய லேசெழும்
புன்னை வெண்கிழி யிற்பவ ளம்புரை பூந்தராய்
துன்னி நல்லிமை யோர்முடி தோய்கழ லீர்சொலீர்
பின்னு செஞ்சடை யிற்பிறை பாம்புடன் வைத்ததே.

se:n:ne langkazha nippazha naththaya laesezhum
punnai ve'nkizhi yi'rpava 'lampurai poo:ntharaay
thunni :nallimai yoarmudi thoaykazha leersoleer
pinnu segnsadai yi'rpi'rai paampudan vaiththathae.
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Oh Lord with whose feet the crowns of the good tevar closely come into contact, in Pūntarāy, where by the sides of the tanks adjacent to the red paddy fields, the flowers of Puṉṉai (mast-wood tree) resemble coral lying on a white cloth! please tell me the reason for having placed the crescent with the cobra in the red and entwining caṭai.
[The decade on Kaṇtiyūr Vīrattam and Tiruvalañcuḻi are in the form of questions put to the devotees and the God respectively]
Translation: V.M.Subramanya Aiyar–Courtesy: French Institute of Pondichery / EFEO (2006)