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Seventh Thirumurai
100 Stanzas, 1026 Songs, 84 Temples
001 thiruve'n'ney:nalloor
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kaa'nolith thokuppai anpa'lippaakath tha:nthavarka'l
iraamsi :naaddupu'rap paadal aayvu maiyam,
51/23, paa'ndiya vae'laa'lar theru, mathurai 625 001.
0425 2333535, 5370535.
thaevaarath thalangka'lukku ik kaa'nolik kaadsika'l ku'ru:nthaddaaka vi'rpanaikku u'ndu.

songs : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
S. No. of the song : 6 song : i:ntha'lam

தண்ணார்மதி சூடீதழல்
    போலுந்திரு மேனீ
எண்ணார்புர மூன்றும்எரி
    யுண்ணநகை செய்தாய்
மண்ணார்பெண்ணைத் தென்பால்வெண்ணெய்
    நல்லூரருட் டுறையுள்
அண்ணாஉனக் காளாய்இனி
    அல்லேன்என லாமே.

tha'n'naarmathi soodeethazhal
poalu:nthiru maenee
e'n'naarpura moon'rumeri
yu'n'na:nakai seythaay
ma'n'naarpe'n'naith thenpaalve'n'ney
:nalloorarud du'raiyu'l
a'n'naaunak kaa'laayini
allaenena laamae.
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Civaṉ who wears the cool crescent.
who has a holy form which is red like fire.
you laughed to make the fire consume all the three cities of the enemies who did not esteem you.
the elderly god in the temple in Aruḷtuṟai in Veṇṇainallūr on the southern bank of the river Peṇṇai which cleans the sins of those who bathe.
having been your slave before.
can I counter-argue now that I am not your slave?
Is it proper on my part?
Translation: V.M.Subramanya Aiyar–Courtesy: French Institute of Pondichery / EFEO (2006)

O, Wearer of \'himarashmi\' cool moon,O, flamboyant holy mien,
didn\'t you laugh to flame up
the triple polis of those thoughtless of you, o, Lord Supreme
seated in Arutturai of Vennainalloor
on the south of Pennai bed with rich earth to purge the flaws
of shallow souls that plunge in deeps!
Can I a hoary slave of you ever huskily voice in bad faith .
that I, I, am none of yours?

Translation: S. A. Sankaranarayanan, Kumbakonam, 2016